Professional Manufacturer
Spring and Wire Forms
Focuse on Spring Fabrication over 40 years
One-stop spring and wire form customization service, any performance you want, we can help you achieve
Professional Manufacturer
Spring and Wire Forms
Focuse on Spring Fabrication over 40 years
One-stop spring and wire form customization service, any performance you want, we can help you achieve
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R&D spring
R&D Assistance

Drawing from over a decade of expertise, our engineers specialize in crafting custom springs and wire forms tailored to the unique requirements of your products.

Quality control
Strict quality control

Our enduring partnerships with top-tier enterprises are built on the foundation of our robust quality inspection system, ensuring custom springs and wire froms of the highest standard.

One-stop service

From the inception of custom springs and wire forms design through testing, production, shipping, and seamless customs clearance, we’re here to address all your inquiries and support your product’s success.

Hootai spring factory custom precision springs

HooTai Spring - Professional Spring Factory in China

Hootai Spring Company specializes in crafting custom springs and wire forms across diverse industries. Our deep expertise in materials and manufacturing ensures top-quality components are delivered on time and within budget.

We firmly believe in an integrated approach to ensure optimal efficiency and quality control. Beyond creating custom springs to your precise specifications, we offer rigorous testing of torque, force, and stress for existing designs.

Since 1980, Hootai Spring has been a trusted source of high-quality springs across various sectors. Our commitment remains unwavering: delivering excellence and top-notch products to our valued customers, every time

Customized Quality Springs for Your Products

HooTai Spring has the ability to customize a variety of springs and wire forms for you. We can manufacture according to your design and also consider durability, flexibility, strength-to-weight ratio, load-carrying ability, vibration, and shock absorption capability, and friction resistance. Our engineers are good at helping our clients to solve the following point:

  • Fatigue life not enough
  • The level of stress does not match
  • Not Corrosion-resistant
  • Can’t pass ROHS certification
  • Poor Durability

HooTai team could help you to solve all the problems and is very well known for solving these problems.

From prototype to production, test order to large quantity order, HooTai is at your service every step of the way to ensure that we produce a precision spring or wire form that exactly matches your requirements.

Custom springs and wire forms for Different Industries

At HooTai Spring, our advanced technology and substantial production capacity enable us to cater to diverse industries with custom springs and wire forms.


Our springs and wire forms help make equipment in agriculture with high fatigue life, durable, flexible, and more power-efficient.

Industrial Equipment
Industrial Equipment

HooTai springs help make industrial equipment run longer and more durable.


Our springs and wire forms help enable higher speeds, longer service life, and more functionality in less space for transportation equipment.

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Why 1000+ clients choose HooTai Spring?

HooTai Spring’s successful track record spans across thousands of clients from diverse industries. The following strengths have been instrumental in forging enduring and productive collaborations, especially in the realm of custom precision springs

High efficiency and productivity
High efficiency and productivity

With more than 50 precision machines and over 70 experienced employees, we take as little as 7 days from customer order to product delivery, and over one million output everyday.

Excellent technology
Excellent technology

The owner is an engineer by birth, so our team is better at solving various technical problems in the spring production process.

Thoughtful service
Thoughtful service

From the communication of requirements, design, proofing to production, we have personnel to serve you one-on-one. We will also help you patiently with any after-sales questions.

  • Equipment and tools for Spring Fabrication

    HooTai Spring have over 50 large euipemnt and hundreds of tools as below:

    • Automatic Lathe
    • CNC Turning Lathe
    • CNC Milling Machine
    • Stamping Press Machine
    • Spring Producing Machine
    • Cutting Machine
    • Axle Machine
    • Spinning Machine
  • Testing Machinery by HooTai Spring

    HooTai Spring also have full range of test equipment as below:

    • Height Measure
    • Hardness Tester
    • 2D Measuring Instrument
    • Micrometer
    • Thickness Gauge
    • Calipers
raw matrial of spring

Wide range of raw matrials we use

After 70 years of development, we have deposited a number of stable and long-term cooperation with raw material suppliers. Many types of raw materials are available for customers to choose from, and our stable supply chain system makes our delivery time more stable.

  • Stainless Steel Wire(SUS)
  • Carbon Steel Wire (SWC)
  • Iron Wire
  • Copper Wire

Application of HooTai springs

Our springs are used in a wide range of different products in various fields and we currently work with the following products:

What our clients says

  • We have been working with the Fu family for over 5 years now, they have always been professional and kind, especially Mr. Fu, who has helped us solve a lot of difficult technology problems.

    spring customer 1
    from USA
  • I found Huitai Spring when I was almost desperate, and I thank him for helping me solve the biggest problem on my way to business success, and indirectly helping me achieve business success.

    spring customer 2
    from France
  • Hootai Spring offers a wide range of spring production solutions, and while they may not be our largest supplier, they stand out as the top-quality provider in terms of service and expertise, particularly when it comes to custom precision springs.

    spring customer 3
    from Hongkong
  • Huitai team is the representative of craftsmanship, and we will keep working with them in the future. Their capacity and efficiency is very high, especially the one-on-one service, very professional and thoughtful.

    spring customer 4
    from UK

It‘s simple to work with HooTai Spring

  • Engage

    Our engineers need to communicate with you in depth to understand your specific needs and applications.

  • design spring

    We work together to develop a spring solution that meets your needs for your product.

  • Prototype

    Typically, you will get 3 to 5 tested samples within a week.

  • Produce

    After you confirm the sample, we will start mass production, usually one million units a day.

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