3 tips when purchasing springs

When we develop a new product and need a spring, it is necessary to find a spring manufacturer with the right strength and technology to cooperate. Here are some suggestions from Hootai spring.

1、Drawing spring design

When we want to buy a spring product, we have to design the data of the product first, and we can communicate with the spring manufacturer more clearly through the engineer’s drawing, and drawing a spring is an important step when buying spring parts. The level of detail of the drawing directly affects the quality of the spring product.

design spring washer

2、Select a spring supplier

If we use spring products, then the spring manufacturer needs to be screened, through comparison to select the right supplier for us, there are many spring manufacturers on the Internet, and we have to choose the quality and reputation are relatively good manufacturers to cooperate with, but also through field visits to understand whether the supplier we selected is suitable for us.


3、Comparison of materials of spring parts

When a good choice of spring manufacturers to cooperate in the production of spring accessories, we can communicate with the spring manufacturers for technical exchanges, listen to each other’s suggestions combined with our practical applications, choose the spring raw materials suitable for us, whether it is compression springs, torsion springs, card springs or some special springs, as professional manufacturers of springs have their own manufacturing experience, through the exchange we can more correctly choose our ideal product.

Spring material

We hope the above suggestions will help you in your procurement work, if you need more suggestions, please contact us.

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