4 types of spring surface treatment processes

Spring materials generally use spring steel wire and stainless steel wire.
Spring steel wire also known as carbon steel wire is characterized by its good hardness, but its appearance is prone to rust and needs to be plated to obtain a protective metal layer. The plating layer has non-corrosive characteristics and can greatly improve the appearance of the spring, which also improves the performance of the spring, such as increasing the hardness of the surface or increasing the ability to resist wear and tear, as well as improving thermal stability.

Material and Surface Treatment of Valve Spring

The following are some of the types of plating Hootai Spring commonly use:

1、Chrome plating.
Mainly to improve the surface hardness of the spring, beautiful, and rust-proof. Chromium plating has good chemical stability in alkali, sulfide, and nitric acid and most organic acids do not work but can be dissolved in hydrohalic acid (such as hydrochloric acid) and hot sulfuric acid. Because chromium does not change color, the use of its ability to maintain its reflectivity for a long time and is superior to silver and nickel, the process is electroplating, and there are hanging and barrel plating processes.

2. Galvanizing.
Zinc is very stable in dry air, with almost no change, so generally galvanized layer is used for precision springs in atmospheric conditions of the corrosion protection layer, but if working in sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, and sulfur trioxide and other places will occur chemical reaction, it is not recommended to use zinc plating.

3、Cadmium plating
If the spring is used in the ocean or in the hot atmosphere, cadmium plating is a very good choice, it is more stable, but also has very good corrosion resistance. The cadmium plating of the spring is brighter and more beautiful than the zinc plating. The soft texture is very malleable and is suitable for the protective layer of precision springs. But cadmium is relatively rare, the price is higher, and the environmental pollution is more serious, so generally used in aviation, navigation or the electronics industry is, more limited.

4、Nickel plating
The most widely used is nickel plating, nickel plating cost is not high, nickel-plated springs are mainly wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, rust, generally thin, plating layer of more than 80u’m can be resistant to salt spray test 48H, the process is divided into electroplating and chemical two types.


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