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History of Spring Crafter

In 1949, Old Fu founded HooTai Spring in a small downtown in Jiangsu China.In the beginning he used only the simplest tools to make hand-made springs in order to support his family. In 2000, Mr. Fu took over his father’s business,purchased a large number of advanced machinery and equipment, and helped many large domestic enterprises to solve technical problems in spring. Now  Hootai Spring is a leading local company with advance technology, high quality and professional services.

advanced technology
Advance technology
Advanced technology and solutions to help lots of customers to solve complex issues successfully.
high quality
High quality
High quality and on time delivery to cater the evolving requirements of the end users.
Free samples
Free samples
HooTai Spring would be happy to offer free samples and answer any questions you have.

Why chose us

40+ years
100% on time
HooTai Spring Spirit
  • Dedicated
  • rigorous
  • hardworking
  • precisely
  • accuratly
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Hootai Spring know better about you

With over 70 years experience, we realized that advanced, state-of-the-art technology would be required to design springs with precision and cater to the evolving requirements of the end users. CAD/CAM systems are being used aggressively in HooTai Spring to design complex springs.

Also, the manufacturing of springs needs to be done with a proper understanding of the end-use application, and corrosion-resistant, lightweight materials with high fatigue life need to be selected accordingly. Durability, flexibility, strength-to-weight ratio, load-carrying ability, vibration, and shock absorption capability, and friction resistance are some of the parameters that need to be considered while designing and manufacturing springs.

HooTai Spring's Collaborative Partners

HooTai Spring collaborates with a range of high-quality partner enterprises to enhance customer service. Our partners include import-export agencies, freight forwarding companies responsible for overseas transportation, and other industry-related factories. This ensures that we can deliver comprehensive one-stop services to our customers.
Shenzhen Agent
Shenzhen Lyrtion Technology Co., Ltd
Shipping Agent
Full Sea Supply Chain
Cooperative Factory
Foshan Hootai Hardware Factory

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