HooTai Spring offers differet type of spring materials for your choice


Choosing the right material is the first step to making a perfect spring, and the right material can make a big difference in the performance of the spring.




Usually we use the following types of materials:

Usually, we use the following types of materials:

Additional materials are also available. Steel Springs, Stainless Steel Springs, and Alloy Steel Springs are all hot selling in Hootai Spring Factory.

Details for different type of spring material

Stainless steel wire
Stainless steel wire(SUS)for spring

We often use stainless steel materials to make springs in highly acidic and humid environments.

Material Type Model
Stainless steel wire(SUS) Magnetic, non-magnetic, glossy and matte (resin surface, dark surface) 201、202..;
403、410、420、430 630、631..;
Carbon steel wire
Carbon steel wire (SWC) for spring

Medium-carbon steel and high-carbon steel can be used for springs, but because of its low hardenability and strength, can only be used to create a smaller cross-section, less force springs.

Material Type Model
Carbon steel wire (SWC) Low carbon steel wire, high carbon steel, manganese steel wire, nickel wire, galvanized iron wire 60SizMNA、60SizCRVA
Music wire
Music wire (SWP)for spring

Music wire also know as paino wire, its mechanical properties are good tensile strength and bremsstrahlung, and it is an excellent tensile spring material.

Material Model Feature
Gin wire (SWP) SWP-B;SWP-A Anti-tension, long service life
Copper wire
Copper Alloys for spring

Copper Alloys have good corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity which are widely use in electronics, electrical appliances, antennas, etc.

Material Type Feature
Copper wire Phosphorus copper wire, tinned copper wire, nickel-plated copper wire, bronze, copper, phosphorus, copper, beryllium copper, etc. Good electrical conductivity Electronic appliances, antennas, etc.
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No best raw material, only the most suitable

The above is only a partial list of raw materials, in order to maximize the function of the spring, we also provide a variety of other raw materials for your use, welcome to consult with us.

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