Corrosion of springs

Spring corrosion according to the type of reaction can be divided into chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion.

If the spring surface metal is only simply with the surrounding media chemical reaction, the corrosion caused by the chemical corrosion is called chemical corrosion. For example, the spring oxidation in an arid atmosphere generates an oxide film, or the spring in a non-electrolyte liquid with the liquid or the impurities in the liquid chemical changes, etc., belong to chemical corrosion.

If the spring is in contact with an electrolyte solution, the corrosion due to the role of the microcell is called electrochemical corrosion. For example, suppose the spring is in connection with an acidic or salt solution. In that case, the spring in this type of solution belongs to the electrolyte, due to defects or impurities on the surface of the spring and the formation of electrodes with different potential differences so that the spring is constantly subject to electrolytic corrosion.

Spring by chemical corrosion is a small amount, slowly, and by electrochemical corrosion is the main, universal. But generally speaking chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion is at the same time. Spring in the manufacture, storage, use, and other processes, often suffer from corrosion of the surrounding media. As the spring in the work is to play a role by elasticity, the spring is corroded elasticity will change and lose function.

corrosion of spring

Preventing the corrosion of springs can ensure the stability of the spring’s work and extend its service life. Spring corrosion prevention methods generally use a protective layer, according to the nature of the protective layer can be divided into a metal protective layer, a chemical protective layer, a non-metallic protective layer, and temporary protective layer, etc.

Our team will apply a surface treatment to the spring to match the customer’s needs, depending on the specific spring material and environment in which the spring will be used.

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