Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication Made Easy

For years, Hootai Springs has been a trusted partner for individuals, businesses, and municipalities in creating unique and durable metal parts. Our expertise in custom metal fabrication allows us to handle projects of any size, from ornate large-scale art installations to intricate mechanical components.

Why Choose Hootai Springs for Custom Metal Fabrication?

  • Versatility: We handle projects of all sizes, whether you need a single piece or thousands.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Enjoy lower costs per piece and faster turnaround times.
  • Precision: Our advanced techniques ensure the highest quality and accuracy for every part.

Whether you’re developing tools, prototypes, or finished products, Hootai Springs is your ideal machine shop for custom metal fabrication. Let us help you bring your ideas to life with unmatched quality and efficiency.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication with CNC Machining

Hootai provides top-tier custom metal fabrication services to engineers, product developers, designers, and more. Utilizing the latest in computer numerical control (CNC) machining software, we can create both complex and simple designs with exceptional precision.

Our CNC Machining Services Include:

  • Versatility: We can fabricate everything from mass-produced machinery parts to unique metal hardware.
  • Material Expertise: We work with many materials, including carbon steel, aluminum, and copper.
  • Precision and Efficiency: Our experienced team ensures every job is completed with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

For all your custom metal fabrication needs, trust Hootai to deliver quality and reliability.

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Additional Custom Metal Fabrication Services

At Hootai, we go beyond custom metal parts to offer a comprehensive range of additional services, including welding, surface treatment, and installation.

  • Expert Welding: Our partnerships with top welding facilities ensure strong, precise welds for all your projects.
  • Quality Surface Treatment: Collaborating with leading plating factories, we provide high-quality surface treatments that enhance durability and aesthetics.
  • Efficient Installation: Our skilled team ensures seamless installation, saving you time and effort.

By leveraging our deep industry connections, we deliver efficient, high-quality results while offering cost savings for our customers. Trust Hootai for all your custom metal fabrication needs, from start to finish.

If You Can Imagine It, We Can Make It

From custom springs to stampings, Hootai has the expertise to bring your ideas to life. We can custom-build to your specifications whether you need unique metal hardware or specialized components.

Our Custom Metal Parts Capabilities Include:

For all your custom metal parts needs, trust Hootai to deliver precision and quality every time.


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