Custom SMD Springs

At Hootai Spring, we boast extensive experience in crafting custom SMD touch springs. To ensure seamless integration into your projects, all our SMD springs are meticulously prepared for pick-and-place applications with the aid of pick and place machines employed by our EMS partners. This not only streamlines the manufacturing process but also translates into substantial cost savings for our valued customers.


Mylar layer on top of SMD Springs:

We employ a Mylar layer atop our SMD springs to facilitate effortless positioning and retrieval by the SMD machine. This strategic addition simplifies the handling of SMD springs during assembly, enhancing overall efficiency.

touch pring with mylar layer on top

Metal cap on top of SMD Springs:

For applications where a Mylar patch isn’t necessary, our SMD springs are designed with a metal tab at the top. This innovative feature allows SMD machines to handle the springs with ease, ensuring smooth integration into your projects.

metal on the top of springs

Reel Packing of SMD Springs

To further optimize the integration of SMD springs with SMD machines, we employ reel packing as the standard packaging method. This choice not only simplifies the process but also significantly reduces the need for manual welding, resulting in substantial cost savings for our clients.




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