Custom touch springs: an interactive experience tailored to your needs

Touch springs are special springs for capacitive and touch screen appliances, also known as touch-sensitive springs and button springs.
Compared with traditional mechanical switches, this is a more robust capacitive induction solution with good touch sensitivity, which is widely used in a series of electronic products such as air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators, coffee machines, and various lighting equipment switches. HooTai Spring is your reliable supplier of precision touch springs, customized various touch springs, saving you time and effort, and cost.

Our factory capabilities and advantages

With advanced manufacturing facilities and a professional customer service team, our factory has the ability to customize touch springs for our customers. Our team of engineers has the experience and expertise to ensure high quality and precision in the manufacturing process. Our sales team is highly and professionally trained to communicate with our customers in a timely and fluent manner to gain a deep understanding of their custom touch springs needs.

Why choose Hootai Spring to customize your touch springs?

Customization Capabilities: We can quickly customize a variety of different shapes of touch springs, and can even send out free samples the same day we receive your drawings.

High-Quality Assurance: We insist on using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the best quality and performance of each custom touch spring. Our products are subjected to rigorous testing and quality control to ensure their stability and durability.

Multiple Prototype Service: We understand the need to go through many different trials in the early stages of a product, so we often patiently provide our customers with several different samples or multiple samples of our custom touch springs.

Customer Satisfaction: Our customers have high praise for the quality of our products, communication services, and speed of delivery.

If you are looking for a partner for custom touch springs, our factory will be your best choice.

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