Customized Springs in Washing Machines

In 2015 a leading domestic cleaning machine company approached us through multiple channels to ask for help. The plunger spring and relief valve spring on the plunger pump, the core component of their cleaning machine, had been unable to meet the design life requirements, and the situation lasted for about 10 years. During this period, many famous companies at home and abroad have failed to solve the problem. Its life has been maintained at 10 to 30 hours (laboratory conditions).

spring in washing machine
Has not been able to break through, resulting in the product in the international market by the international big brand products squeeze, can not fight.
Our company received help and immediately arranged for technical personnel to go to the customer’s company to understand the product, and for the customer’s technical and engineering departments to analyze the problem. Understand that the plunger spring is a core component of ultra-high frequency work, 5000 times per minute reciprocating motion. The design life should reach 70 million times of continuous work without breaking and deformation. This is also a very big challenge for us.
For this reason, our company set up a 5-member technical R&D team to redevelop this plunger spring. From spring design to drawing update to material selection to the production process to finished product inspection, detailed steps and requirements were set for each step. After two months of trial samples and improvements. We succeeded in increasing the product life from 30 hours to more than 150 hours. It far exceeds the service life of international big brand products. It has been praised by the customer. The customer’s products are also exported to home and abroad and have been maintaining the first domestic sales ranking and the second global sales ranking. So far, our company has become the only spring supplier of the company.


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