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Design and Production of Various Flat Springs - HooTai Spring Undertake Custom Flat Springs

What is Flat spring?

The flat spring is one of the easiest springs to use the deformation of the elastic metal sheet to produce the spring characteristics. The elastic metal sheet is rectangular, trapezoidal, triangular, and can also be straight and curved.

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The Application of Flat Springs

The flat springs are usually used in places where the load and deformation are small and the stiffness is not required, such as sensitive elements, elastic supports, or positioning devices in instruments, meters, and automation mechanisms.

Little Flat Spring Production

We undertake the design, customization, and production of all kinds of flat springs, contact us for the latest quotation proposal. Free samples are available.

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Contact us to custom your wire forms

We have many years of experience in custom wire forms and can provide you with one-stop service, choose us, you can save time, heart, effort and money.

Can you offer free sample of flat spring?

Generally, we can provide 3 to 5 flat springs(except leaf springs) for free, but if your design and structure are more complex, we will charge a sampling fee, which will be returned when you place a large order.

Do you have ROHS certification of flat springs?

All of our products comply with ROHS certification and we have regular representatives to help us with this certification.

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