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Magazine Spring Manufacturing

Hootai Spring Custom Magazine Spring for Pistol Toys

Toy pistol springs are an important part of a toy gun’s performance, and Hootai Spring Factory can customize different types of magazine springs in large quantities.


Custom Magazine Spring at Hootai Spring

At Hootai Spring, our expertise lies in the fabrication of precision magazine springs. We take pride in crafting custom magazine springs that perfectly align with your unique requirements and deliver optimal performance for your needs.

magazine spring
magazine spring

Materials of magazine springs

Magazine springs offer versatility in material choices, ranging from durable stainless steel to music wire and even specialized options like rocket wire. These varied materials allow you to tailor your magazine spring to specific performance and durability requirements.


Design Magazine Springs

Benefit from our engineer’s wealth of experience in magazine spring design, complemented by our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Our expertise ensures precision and performance in every magazine spring we create, delivering the best results for your specific needs.

magazine spring
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