Recoil Spring Custom Case

In 1998, our company received technical support from a military enterprise. The reentry spring of one of their new rifles had not been able to reach the design life, and several well-known spring companies were approached to make samples, all of which would have defects such as spring deformation and fracture, and the results were not satisfactory. We communicated with the chief designer of the military for the first time after we received the request for help and understood the working environment, strength, and frequency of the spring as well as the installation nodes of the spring. Then we re-examined the drawing, and after careful analysis and calculation by our technical staff, we found that the original drawing was made of 82B material, and the tensile strength of this material could meet the design strength requirements. However, the disadvantage of this material is its low yield strength. It is very easy to fail during high-frequency movement at a low winding ratio.
After finding the cause of the problem, our company immediately came up with a new solution, taking into account the high temperature and various harsh and destructive operating environments. The 55CrSi material was selected, the process inspection standards were strictly followed in accordance with our production process, and a shot peening process was adopted. The customer’s problem was solved once and for all. All indicators exceeded the military’s design requirements. Therefore, our company has become the exclusive supplier of spring products for the military and the technical advisor at the institute level.


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