Hootai Spring Provides Tailored Spring Solutions Across Various Industries

With a rich history of serving diverse sectors, Hootai Spring has been a steadfast partner in industries ranging from automotive, aerospace, electronics, and agriculture to medical devices, E-mobility, machinery, and system construction, as well as tool development. Our commitment to delivering optimal spring solutions continues to bring value to our esteemed clientele.







Hootai Spring's Footprint Across Key Markets

Embracing a global outlook, Hootai Spring has firmly established its market presence across diverse regions, encompassing Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and numerous other countries. Our dynamic reach extends far and wide, allowing us to effectively address the diverse spring-related challenges encountered by clients in various industries across the world.


Hootai  Springs supplies products to OEMs, automotive spare parts, and the automotive aftermarket. Our specialized solutions cover applications of all sizes, combining custom engineering and manufacturing expertise.


Hootai Spring specializes in crafting springs and associated products for diverse aerospace applications. Renowned for tailored manufacturing solutions, we prioritize the punctual delivery of cost-efficient, high-quality components.

Electronics& Electrics

Hootai Springs caters to the electronic and electric industries, offering springs ranging from the smallest components to comprehensive spring assemblies. Our expertise encompasses designing and producing springs for diverse consumer products and electrical tools.

Agriculture & Irrigation

Hootai Springs manufactures specialized springs for agricultural machinery and irrigation systems. Our custom designs excel in meeting the exacting demands of advanced applications. Our product range covers springs for cultivators, water valves, sprinklers, lawnmowers, and even fence clips for grapevines.

Medical device
Medical Device

Hootai Spring pioneers medical industry solutions: precision wire forms, metal stamping, and diverse spring designs. Our products enjoy an esteemed reputation for exceptional quality and engineering excellence, cementing our standing among satisfied customers.

Sport equipment
Toys and Sports equipment

Hootai Spring offers tailor-made solutions for toys and sports equipment, delivering springs precisely attuned to each product’s requirements. Our solutions strike the ideal balance between top-notch quality and competitive pricing, ensuring optimal value for your products.

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Success Showcases

From cutting-edge spring technology to exceptional service quality, Hootai Spring’s success stories illuminate our track record of earning customer trust and recognition. Delve into a selection of our triumphant cases below.

  • cleaning machine
    Cleaning Machine

    Hootai Spring specializes in crafting springs tailored for various components within these cleaning machines. From brush mechanisms to sensor assemblies, our expertise ensures optimal performance and reliability. We offer a seamless fusion of technical prowess and customized service levels, guaranteeing that our springs meet specific demands, and facilitating enhanced flexibility, speed, and precision in the cleaning process.

  • seating

    Hootai Spring delivers top-tier springs and stampings catering to automotive seating needs. Our expertise shines in recliners and height adjusters, offering extensive know-how in coil springs and bent components crafted from premium, lightweight, pre-hardened materials. With worldwide accessibility, our singular source of expertise stands ready for seamless integration.

  • circuit breaker
    Circuit breaker

    Hootai Spring specializes in precise operational mechanisms for circuit breakers and manually operated disconnecting switches. Our core strength lies in copper part manufacturing. Additionally, our repertoire includes magnetic springs and small wire torsion springs, enhancing our offerings for customers in the electrical equipment sector.

  • gasoline injection system
    Gasoline injection system

    Hootai Spring stands as a trusted ally for springs, stamping, and bending parts dedicated to gasoline and diesel injection systems. Our expertise ensures precise alignment with your requirements, along with tailored service levels to match your product’s grade, granting flexibility, speed, and process precision.

No order is too small for us

We recognize that product development involves rigorous testing and trial phases, necessitating professional communication and seamless integration. We gladly accommodate small trial orders and treat every order size with equal dedication. Our certification assures you of our commitment to delivering the utmost professionalism in spring and stamping solutions.

small order

Complimentary Design and Prototyping

We provide free design and prototyping for simple projects. For intricate designs, we offer a refund on the cost after confirming the official order. This approach has solidified Hootai’s customer relationships, fostering a base of loyal, long-term clients.

Thriving at HooTai Spring: Where Excellence Meets Global Unity

At HooTai Spring, employment transcends a mere job description. Our workforce is not only academically accomplished, with a strong commitment to upholding product quality, but is also propelled by the relentless pursuit of optimal customer outcomes. Furthermore, our team embodies an open-minded and global perspective, thriving in the competitive international landscape and harnessing the potential of globalization for inspiration. Additionally, we place immense value on fostering a sense of community through shared social experiences and team achievements. This collective spirit is not a singular occurrence, but a consistent commitment, ultimately benefiting our valued customers.


At Hootai Spring, we customize different springs and stampings for different industries, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Do you only customize springs? Can you do stampings?

In addition to springs, we also customize some stamping parts.

Can you give us a drawing of a spring design similar to our product for reference?

No, for the protection of customer’s privacy, we can’t give you the drawings of other customers.

Can you help us with inventory?

After long term cooperation, we can keep some stock for raw materials according to customer’s demand.

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