Aerospace spring
Custom Aerospace Spring

Hootai Spring Custom Aerospace Springs

The Aerospace industries demand precision and perfection, durability and reliability, standardization and customization. Hootai Spring has many years of successful experience manufacturing wire forms and custom precision springs for businesses in the aerospace industry.


Stringent quality of Hootai Spring

Hootai Spring comprehends the Aerospace industry’s needs and provides top-quality springs for critical and demanding applications. Our extensive experience in adhering to stringent quality and regulatory standards has earned us numerous OEM Aerospace spring orders.


Custom aerospace spring

Hootai Spring can manufacture custom springs to meet unique design parameters, exacting tolerances, and regulatory compliance including ITAR and DFARS. Hootai Spring are abiding by the strict extreme operating standards and high-reliability requirements unique to this industry. So whether you’re looking for a prototype, short-run project, or high-volume manufacturing, we can work with your delivery and production schedules to meet your needs.


Enhancing Safety and Comfort

Aerospace Springs serve a crucial role in various aspects of the aerospace industry:

Landing Gear Systems: Absorb landing impact for smoother landings.
Control Surfaces: Provide tension for pilot control.
Aircraft Doors: Assist in smooth door operation.
Cabin Seating: Offer comfort and adjustability for passengers.
Engine Components: Control engine valves for proper operation.
Instrumentation: Protect sensitive equipment from vibrations.
Safety Systems: Enable quick deployment in emergencies.
Cargo Handling: Secure cargo during flight.
Wing Flaps and Slats: Enhance aerodynamic performance.
Aircraft Maintenance: Aid in inspections and repairs.


Material of Aerospace Springs

Aerospace demands parts that excel under extreme conditions, as an aircraft’s performance relies on the quality of its components. The aerospace industry requires a range of materials, including cobalt alloys, gold, silver, stainless steel, and titanium, for various springs and parts

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