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What is a touch spring?

Touch Spring is also called capacitive touch spring or PCB touch spring which is a special spring button dedicated to capacitive and monolithic touch screen appliances.

Solutions of Touch Springs

Solutions of Touch Springs

HooTai Spring custom stainless steel switch sensor touch button touch spring. Our technology team could offer solutions for different touch springs if you do not have a spring design. 

Produce at Scale and Delivery at Speed

Our team can create your design fast, quickly prototype your spring to assess performance, and manufacture it at any scale- from just a few parts to multiple millions.

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The material of touch spring

Unlike other types of springs, touch springs must be designed with a specific material and shape that can withstand SMT reflow soldering and prevent oxidation. As a solution, we usually opt for nickel-plated steel wire as our raw material, which not only meets these requirements, but is also easy to weld.

Customize touch springs

Touch-sensitive springs are widely used in everyday life. Touch-sensitive springs are special spring keys for capacitive and monolithic touchscreen appliances. Hootai Spring customized a variety type of touch springs in different fields.

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reel packing of touch springs

Reel Packing of SMD Springs

Hootai Spring can provide REEL PACKING of the touch spring, which can be used on the SMD machine directly.

Tape Packing of THT Touch Spring

Hootai Spring can provide TAPE PACKING of the touch spring, which can be used on the THT machine directly.

tape packing of touch spring

Leave your message here for a discount

HooTai Spring offers production and solutions for coil springs. Send us your needs or drawings here, we will offer the best price with high quality.

How long is your sampling time?

3 days for simple samples,

7-10 days for mold opening for complex samples.

How do you ensure product quality?

We have a quality inspection team, a standardized testing process, and can cooperate with third-party inspection agencies.

Which material do you use for touch spring?

We usually use nickel-plated steel wire for our raw material, which is easily weldable.

Can you use reel package for our touch spring?

Yes , Hootai Spring Factory offers a comprehensive service encompassing production and packaging, ensuring hassle-free preparation of springs for direct SMD machine utilization.

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