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Hootai is a trusted spring manufacturer, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality products designed to meet exacting standards across automotive, electronics, medical, and household sectors. Our commitment to precision engineering and customer-focused solutions ensures optimal performance and reliability in every application.




Precision Custom Spring Manufacturing

Hootai is a custom spring manufacturer specializing in precision coil springs tailored to customer specifications, using various certified materials. Based in TaiXin, Jiangsu Province, we serve clients worldwide with our international shipping capabilities. Whether you’re located locally or abroad, count on us to deliver the springs you need, ensuring our quality products are accessible globally.

Types of Springs We Manufacture

We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of spring types, offering various styles and materials. Our capabilities include using wire diameters from .004” to 1.250” and strip wire thicknesses from .005” to .500”. Materials used in our spring manufacturing process include Stainless Steels, Chrome Silicon, Brass, Beryllium Copper, Titanium, Inconel, Monel, Phosphor Bronze, and Music Wire.

These springs resist compressive forces through an open-coil helical design, suitable for a wide range of applications requiring controlled compression.

Heavy-duty compression springs are primarily used in die machinery, offering high resilience and reliability under extreme stress conditions.

Providing resistance to pulling forces, extension springs are versatile for absorbing and storing energy in various applications.

Designed for angular deflection to resist externally applied torque, torsion springs are critical in mechanisms requiring rotational movement.

Versatile springs or wire parts that don’t fit standard categories, offering flexibility in design and application across diverse industries.

Small parts made from flat materials, available in various shapes to serve specific functions in assemblies and mechanisms.

Small, curved washers that act as springs to provide preload and deflection between surfaces, enhancing stability and security.

Made from flat wire wound into tight spirals, spiral springs are ideal for applications requiring constant coil tension and compact design.

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Hootai: Customized Spring Solutions Across Global Industries

Hootai serves global industries with a diverse range of customized spring solutions, continuously improving to meet the needs of various sectors and their consumers.

At Hootai Spring, we offer a wide array of materials, production methods, spring styles, and coatings. Our robust research and development process ensures constant refinement to precisely match your specific requirements.

Our clientele spans across multiple sectors:

  • Aerospace

    Where precision and reliability are paramount.

  • Agriculture

    Supporting machinery and equipment for efficient farming practices.

  • Automotive

    Providing springs that ensure performance and safety in vehicles.

  • Industrial

    Offering solutions for machinery and equipment across various industrial sectors.

  • Medical

    Delivering springs that meet stringent standards for medical devices and equipment.

Advantages of Hootai Spring Manufacturer

Comprehensive Capabilities

Hootai Spring offers a full spectrum of services including rapid prototyping, low to high volume production, engineering optimizations, and tight tolerance manufacturing, catering to diverse customer needs.

Decades of Experience

With over fifty years in the industry, Hootai Spring brings extensive expertise and knowledge to custom spring manufacturing, ensuring high-quality products and reliable service.

Material Expertise

The company maintains a wide inventory of standard and specialty materials, allowing for quick turnaround times and the ability to develop springs that meet stringent performance requirements.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Utilizing both hot and cold coiling methods, along with a range of specialized manufacturing and finishing processes such as shot peening, heat setting, and plating, Hootai Spring ensures precise and customized solutions for every application.

Spring Design Support

Navigating the complexities of spring selection is crucial for optimizing performance and managing costs at Hootai Spring. That’s why we provide dedicated spring design assistance to our customers. Our skilled team of engineers offers expert guidance in designing and selecting the ideal spring to meet your project’s precise requirements. Leveraging years of experience and deep expertise in spring design, we ensure cost-effective solutions that deliver optimal performance for your applications.

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Custom Short Runs & Small Orders

Hootai Spring specializes in accommodating custom short runs and small orders through a blend of in-house production and strategic outsourcing. Our process starts with a thorough review of your design and specifications, followed by meticulous material selection and quantity assessment, culminating in a detailed project cost analysis. If you’re uncertain about your specific needs, our dedicated spring design assistance team is available to provide guidance.

Handling custom short runs and small orders is a distinctive and sometimes intricate process. Partnering with Hootai Spring guarantees consistent quality and ensures project satisfaction from start to finish.

Prototyping Services

At Hootai Spring, we offer prototyping services to assess the feasibility and refine the design of your springs before committing to full-scale production. Prototypes serve as valuable tools for identifying potential improvements and validating designs early in the process. This approach allows us to provide accurate cost estimates and production timelines upfront. By testing multiple design variations, we ensure that the final product meets your exact specifications and performance requirements with precision.

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Spring Materials Selection

spring material
spring material

Choosing the right material for your springs is crucial to meet specific demands and environmental conditions. At Hootai Spring, we offer a variety of materials tailored to your application requirements:

High Carbon Spring Wire: Suitable for enclosed applications not exposed to moisture or temperatures exceeding 250ºF (121ºC), but not ideal for shock or impact loading.

Alloy Steel Wire: Resistant to high-stress conditions, recommended for applications involving shock or impact loading.

Stainless Steel: Available in three main types with varying temperature limits, hardness, and elasticity, ideal for corrosion-resistant coil springs.

We work with a comprehensive range of spring materials, from standard options like steel and music wire to specialty alloys suitable for critical applications. Whether you require a titanium aerospace spring or a 316 stainless steel compression spring, Hootai can manufacture the precise part you need.

Don’t see the material you’re looking for? Contact us to explore our extensive material capabilities, including A286, Beryllium Copper, Elgiloy®, Hastelloy®, Incoloy, Inconel®, Monel®, MP35N, Nickel, and more.

Precision Custom Springs and Comprehensive Manufacturing

Spring manufacturer

For over fifty years, Hootai Spring has led in custom spring manufacturing. We offer rapid prototyping, low to high volume production, engineering optimizations, and tight-tolerance manufacturing. Our facilities stock standard and specialty materials for quick turnaround, ensuring springs meet the highest performance standards. Contact us for a quote on custom spring manufacturing.

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Hootai Spring utilizes hot and cold coiling methods, providing a variety of standard and specialty manufacturing techniques. Explore our processes such as shot peening, heat setting, cryogenic and cold setting, hardening, wire rolling, tempering, passivation, dyeing, plating, grinding, cleanroom services, powder coating, laser etching, engraving, hardness testing, magnetic particle inspection, and MET inspection.

Related Custom Sweeper Spring Products Case

Sweeper springs
Custom Sweeper Springs

Hootai collaborates closely with a floor sweeping machine factory, providing customized springs and expert technical support throughout the production process. From initial prototyping to reliable bulk deliveries, our commitment to quality and precision ensures customer satisfaction and secures ongoing orders.

pring manufacturer
OEM/ODM Spring Manufacturer in China

As a premier OEM/ODM spring manufacturer based in China, Hootai excels in delivering tailored spring solutions that meet the exact specifications of our global clientele. Our comprehensive capabilities encompass design, prototyping, and full-scale production, supported by advanced manufacturing technologies and stringent quality control measures.

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    At Hootai Spring, we prioritize personalized service to ensure successful product delivery and customer satisfaction.



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    “The office staff at Hootai Spring Manufacturing are amazing to work with. They effortlessly assisted us with our spring needs and guided us towards effective solutions!”

    Liam from UK
  • See What Our Customers Say

    “I’m thoroughly impressed with the team at Hootai Spring Manufacturing. They are prompt in their responses to our requests and have been exceptional partners to collaborate with.”

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Custom Springs FAQs

The following are common questions we get during the customization process, if you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us directly

What types of springs do you manufacture?

We manufacture a wide range of springs including compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, die springs, wire forms, spring clips, spring washers, spiral springs, power springs, and trailer ramp springs.

What materials do you use for spring manufacturing?

We use a variety of materials including stainless steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, chrome silicon, brass, beryllium copper, titanium, Inconel, Monel, phosphor bronze, and music wire.

Can you provide custom spring designs?

Yes, we specialize in custom spring designs tailored to meet specific project requirements. Our engineering team works closely with clients to ensure optimal performance and fit.

Can you handle international shipping?

Yes, we have extensive experience in international shipping and can deliver our products worldwide.

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