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HooTai Spring is a professional supplier of compression springs. We specialize in designing and customizing compression springs to meet various requirements such as types, working conditions, uses, parameters, and materials according to your product specifications. If you require custom-designed compression springs, please don’t hesitate to contact HooTai Spring.




What is compression spring?

Compression Springs are coil springs that can be compressed from their free length to a shorter operating length. This type of spring can store energy and provide force. This is one of the most important application principles of springs.

Compression springs can be coiled not only in a uniform diameter but also in various forms, such as convex, concave, and conical, depending on the needs of the product.

Type of compression spring - by coil configuration

As a leading Compression Spring Manufacturer, HooTai Spring has extensive experience in customizing a wide range of compression springs to meet the diverse needs of our customers. When it comes to compression springs, the design possibilities are virtually endless. We have successfully crafted various types of compression springs tailored to specific applications and requirements.

straight spring

Straight coil spring also called  Linear  Spring which has the same diameter along its entire length.

concave spring

Concave Springs are also named hourglass springs or barbell springs.


barrel spring

Convex Spring (or barrel spring) is a type of compression spring which have smaller diameters on the end coils and  larger diameter in the center.

Conical Springs
Conical Springs

Conical Springs are tapered, cone-shaped springs which have smaller diameters on one end coils and  a larger diameter on another end.

Spring washer
Spring Washers

Spring Washers (coned-disc springs) also called  disc springs or conical washers. which are usually cupped rather than flat.

Variable Pitch Springs
Variable Pitch Springs

Variable Pitch Springs do not have constant coil spacing, the coils are closer together in some areas and more widely spaced in others.

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Compression Spring By Application

The application of compression springs are very wide and can be found everywhere in our life, like engines, major appliances, tools, lawn mowers, medical instruments, electronics, cell phones,  pen and so on.

  • Plunger Spring
    Plunger Spring

    Plunger spring is used in a spring-loaded device(SLD) which is used for used for indexing and positioning of various components.


  • Recoil Spring
    Recoil Spring

    Recoil spring usually used to cushion the shock of a recoiling gun or other mechanism.

  • Touch Spring
    Touch Spring

    Touch springs, also called induction springs, are used in touch buttons that are dedicated to capacitive and single-chip touch chip solutions.

  • battery spring

    Battery springs have two important functions: to hold the battery in place and to conduct electricity.


  • Relief valve spring
    Relief value spring

    Relief value spring used in pop action relief valves which are designed to use spring force open the valve.

  • Valve Spring
    Valve spring

    Valve spring widely used at the cylinder head to maintain the valve closed.

  • Pen Spring
    Pen Spring

    Pen spring is one of the most common pressure springs in our life, there are also many standard products on the market, if you have a large number requirement, please contact us.

Advantages of HooTai Compression Springs

High Fatigue Life
High Fatigue Life

The Fatigue life of our compression spring usually up to 50,000 cycles.


Differen surface protections will be taken depending on the application.


Our spring won’t lose force or shorten when subjected to spring travel.

Load-carrying Ability
Load-carrying Ability

The high Load-carrying Ability of our spring helps device to carry heavy loads.

Design Compression Spring

When we design compression spring, it is very important to consider the level of stress whichwill help to achieve sufficient strenght. Beside, we will consider about the space limitation, matrials, applications , costs depends on the clients’ requirements.

compression spring design
compression spring size

Compression Springs Sizing & Specifications

HooTai Spring provide as much design flexibility as possible to meet differet customers requirements.

PS. It is very important to consider about the space allotted to ensure that the spring will function properly.

Compression Spring Materials

Consider about the spring dimensions and stress level , we usually provid the following material types for chosing:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Non-Ferrous Alloy
  • High Temperature Alloy
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Alloy Steel
spring material

Choose HooTai Spring as Your Buiness Partner

start spring production
spring finished
As a Compression Spring Manufacturer, we simplify the process of customizing springs to meet your product needs. Our experienced team handles everything from design to production, ensuring quality and precision every step of the way. You can save time and resources by partnering with us while trusting our expertise and commitment to excellence. Leave your custom spring requirements to us and focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

Workshop and Warehouse of HooTai Spring


As a top Compression Spring Manufacturer, we’ve implemented a streamlined 6S management system in our factory. This system ensures efficient operations through organization, cleanliness, standardization, and safety protocols. By automating and optimizing our processes, we enhance productivity, quality, and overall efficiency, allowing us to deliver exceptional compression springs to our customers.


As a trusted Compression Spring Manufacturer, our experienced warehouse team, some with generational tenure, ensures conscientious and responsible handling of our operations. Alongside our manufacturing services, we also offer temporary storage solutions to accommodate varying customer needs. Our secure facilities provide a reliable storage option, enhancing convenience and efficiency for our clients.

Related Custom Compression Spring Case

spring in washing machine
Custom spring for washing machine case

In 2015, we assisted a customer in replacing the plunger spring and relief valve spring on the core component of their washer, the plunger pump. The original parts failed to meet the design life requirements. To address this, we assembled a dedicated 5-person technical R&D team to redevelop the plunger spring. After two months of trial samples and continuous improvements, we successfully increased the product lifespan from 30 hours to over 150 hours. Our efforts received unanimous praise from the customer and secured a long-term cooperation agreement.

Spring factory
OEM/ODM Compression Springs Manufacturer in China

With over 20 years of expertise in the spring business, we stand as a reliable Compression Spring Manufacturer committed to excellence. Our ISO certification underscores our dedication to maintaining stringent quality standards throughout our manufacturing processes. We take pride in delivering high-quality compression springs crafted with precision and durability to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our company understands that every project is unique, so we offer professional custom design services tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need a standard compression spring or a highly specialized solution, our team of experts is equipped to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

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    “Hootai Spring is very helpful. prefessional design, reasonable price,very happy with the service, shipping and product received. will order with them again”

    George from Germany
  • See What Our Customers Say

    “My prototype turned out to be exactly what I asked for, and was expecting. Couldn’t be any more pleased with the results, and will be using this company for further production of this item, as they proved to be very efficient, competent in their work.”

    Liam from UK
  • See What Our Customers Say

    “The quality was great. Easy company to work with. As always my best supplier – high quality and fast production!”

    Noah from USA
Application Suitable for all kinds of toys, microwave ovens, juicers, rice cookers, water mops, coffee grinders, baby care appliances, churning machines, electric kettles, lighting, handbags, leather goods, bags, gifts, crafts, stationery, electronics, electrical appliances, cameras, precision equipment, all kinds of transportation, hardware and plastic, electronic scales, remote controls, strollers, bicycles, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, lamps, cars, furniture, toys, switches, sockets, water heaters, calculators, watches, igniters, keyboards, mice, motors, cell phones, medals, fans, strollers, door locks, sports and fitness equipment, etc.
ROHS certification  Strictly in accordance with ROHS standards
Surface treatment Electroplating, nickel, zinc, chromium, gold, silver, copper, white copper tin, electrophoresis black, Dacromet (adapt to long outdoor use, can reach more than 90 hours salt spray test)
About Material
Material Type Model Feature Application
Stainless steel wire(SUS) Magnetic, non-magnetic, glossy and matte (resin surface, dark surface) 201、202..; Low nickel content, can not meet the salt spray test requirements. This material is mostly used for process springs
301、302、303、304、305、309、310、316、321..; All these materials are suitable for use, there are acid and alkali resistant and high temperature resistant. Electronics, electrical appliances, daily tools, locks, toys, etc., for a variety of products
403、410、420、430 630、631..;
Carbon steel wire (SWC) Low carbon steel wire, high carbon steel, manganese steel wire, nickel wire, galvanized iron wire 60SizMNA、60SizCRVA High hardness and good elasticity. Electronics, electrical appliances, daily tools, locks, toys, etc., for a variety of products
Gin wire (SWP) SWP-B;SWP-A Anti-tension, long service life Applicable to various products
Copper wire Phosphorus copper wire, tinned copper wire, nickel-plated copper wire, bronze, copper, phosphorus, copper, beryllium copper, etc. Good electrical conductivity Electronic appliances, antennas, etc. Electronics, electrical appliances, antennas, etc.
Iron wire Galvanized iron wire, water pumping wire Soft Material Crafts, decoration, wire tying material, keyboard balance bar, coat hanger hook, etc.
About Order
Delivery time The order production cycle is usually 3-10 days.
Urgent order processing: Our company has an urgent order to speed up the processing process, will be completed as fast as possible.
About sample fee For ordinary small wire diameter springs, the material range of standard specifications is free of charge.
For special materials, special specifications (non-standard specifications), difficult springs, and complex types, we will charge.
For simple springs, if too many samples are required, we will charge .
Refund of sample fee The sample fee will be refunded after a certain amount of order is placed (the amount is determined by the product).

Custom Compression Spring FAQs

The following are common questions we get during the customization process, if you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us directly

We do not have the CAD design file, can you do that for us?

Of course, just tell us where did you use the spring for, or which function do you want to achieve.

Where is your factory?

We located in JiangSu, China. nearby ShangHai.

How can we guarantee quality?

We will make a sample for you to confirm before mass production, and have a strict quality inspection process before shipping.

Which payment do you accept?

Usually TT advance or before delivery, and the payment term can be negotiable before in large quantity.

What is the delivery time ?

Usually 10-15 days after order confirmed .Faster delivery time can be arranged if needed.

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