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What is Battery Spring ?

Battery spring is a kind of touch spring. HooTai team fabricate different styles of batter springs with long working life and good conductivity . Gernally ,the battery spring have two functions:

  • Help provide pressure to hold batteries in place
  • Conduct electrical current from the batteries to the desired circuit.
Incoming Material Inspection of Battery Springs

Incoming Material Inspection of Battery Springs

We often choose  nickel coated music wire or silver coated beryllium copper as the raw material of battery spring. But the quality of raw material market varies, we choose good quality wire suppliers and have special people to test each incoming material before using it for production.

Custom Complex Battery Springs

HooTai Spring can produce battery springs in a virtually unlimited variety of shapes, configurations and designs. Our engineers team will to consider about the manufacturing and performance , and to advise on the most cost effective process to ensure efficiency.

Custom Complex Battery Springs

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HooTai Spring are able to design and manufacture all kinds of battery springs and touch springs.

Do you sell ready-made battery springs?

Normally we do not keep stock, 90% of our orders are customized springs.

How long was the delivery time?

Usually 3 to 5 days after the order confirmed.

Do you have ROHS certification for battery springs?

All of our springs comply with ROHS certification.

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