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Custom Heat-resistant and High Fatigue Life Recoil Springs

What Are Recoil Springs?

Recoil Springs are generally used on firearms to slow down the backward moving bolt and push it back to the front end on automatic or semi-automatic firearms.


The Material of Recoil Spring

The Material of Recoil Spring

Many customers used to choose 82B material, the tensile strength of this material is able to reach the design strength requirements. However, the disadvantage of this material is its low yield strength. It is very easy to fail during high frequency movement at low spin ratio.
If you want to take into account the high temperature and various harsh and destructive environments, you should use 55CrSi material to increase the performance of the spring.

Technology Support of Recoil Support

Our engineers need to understand the working environment, strength and frequency of the spring as well as the installation node of the spring, and choose the suitable material and production process, otherwise it is easy to have spring deformation, fracture and other defects.

Technology Support of Recoil Support
Spring manufacturer

Production of Recoil Spring

We strictly follow the process inspection standards required by our production process and use the shot peening process.

HooTai Spring focused on Recoil Spring

Do your reentrant springs consistently fail to reach their design life, and do you have problems with spring deformation, breakage, and other defects?
Contact us to help you solve these problems.

Have you produced recoil spring before?

Yes, since 1998, we helped clients to solve the problems about recoil springs.

Can you help me with more complex technical problems?

For customers with high demand and product technical requirements, we can set up a working group of 3 to 5 people dedicated to serve customers.

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