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HooTai Custom Different Types of Volute Spring

Volute Springs are made from flat material coiled to a volut, which have a varity of types ,such as double volute spring , single-sided volute spring, extension volute spring , torsion volute spring and so on.

Replacement Volute SpringReplacement Volute Spring are used for pruning shears, tree trimmers, garden shears and heavy-duty shears and so on.

This kind of replacement Volute Spring made of hard and stable stainless steel is durable,long-lasting,hand-polished,and sturdy,serving for a long time.

Mainspring Mainspring also know as Clockwork spring or Scroll spring which is widely used in Hand-operated Mechanical Watches, Clocks, Toys and Winding equipments. The end of the spring is attached to the frame post at lower right.

HooTai Spring have over 30 years of experience in the production of mainsprings and design and solutions for a variety of different applications of mainsprings.

Industrial Volute SpringsWe offer industrial vortex coil springs that produce some type of load or force when it is compressed. The vortex coil springs are manufactured from high quality materials that make them highly durable and long lasting.

Raw Material of Volute Spring

Raw Material of Volute Spring

The Volute Springs generally use carbon spring steel (that is, the carbon content WC in the range of 0.6%-0.9% of high-quality carbon structural steel), alloy spring steel, and chrome, tungsten, vanadium alloy spring steel. In recent years,  according to the requirements of the new technology of automobile and tractor design, developed on the basis of silicomanganese steel to add boron, niobium, molybdenum and other elements of the new steel, extending the service life of spring steel, improve the quality of spring steel.

Production Process

After the volute spring is made, it is shot peened to produce residual compressive stress on the surface layer to offset some of the working stress on the surface layer and inhibit the formation of cracks on the surface layer, which can significantly increase the fatigue limit of the volute spring.

shot peened
varity of springs

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We have been producing and exporting various types of springs for over 70 years, please contact us for free samples. If you have a customization need, please contact us and tell us your ideas, we can help you to realize it quickly.

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HooTai Spring  70 years of experience designing and manufacturing compression springs,We hope we can help more customers to produce high quality products. It is our corporate goal to achieve a win-win situation and long-term cooperation between both parties.

How long can I get the samples?

After the design confirmed, it usually take 3 to 5 days.

Can you customize special springs for us?

Yes, we can offer solutions and productions for a wide range of spring.

Could your spring pass the ROHS ?

All of our products comply with ROHS certification and we have regular representatives to help us with this certification.

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