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HooTai Spring customizes the different type of extension springs. Specially custom extension spring ends which include machine loop and crossover loop ends, among other options to accommodate different tensions.




What are extension springs?

Extension springs also know as tension springs. They are helical springs that are subjected to axial tension and are generally made of materials with a circular cross section. When not subjected to load, there is generally no gap between the circles of extension springs.

Type of extension spring

HooTai Spring custom a variety of extension springs by different material, diameter and spring ends.  They are usually divided into the following categories:


Tension linear spring

Tension linear spring also know as straight coil spring with have the same diameters.

Constant Force Springs

Constant Force spring  is a extension type of flat spring which are a spring made from winding a flat strip of metal.

Drawbar Spring

Drawbar Spring usually used for a positive stop of overload protection.

Garter Spring

Garter Springs are helical springs whose ends are connected.

Trampoline Spring

Trampoline Spring is used for storing and releasing energy.

Throttle Return Spring
Throttle Return Spring

Throttle Return Spring is used to “return” the throttle to a closed position.

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Extension Spring Hook Types

The hook end of extension spring is one of the important factor. HooTai spring offers a varity types hooks of extension spring ends. Here below are some of the common hooks , as we could custom the hook and loops as you need.

  • Double Cross Center Hook
    Double Cross Center Hook
  • Drawbar Hook
    Drawbar Hook
  • Enlarged Machine Hook
    Enlarged Machine Hook
  • Extended Machine Hook
    Extended Machine Hook
  • Rectangular Hook
    Rectangular Hook
  • Reduced End Swivel Hook
    Reduced End Swivel Hook
  • Standard Machine Hook
    Standard Machine Hook
  • Tear Drop Shaped Hook
    Tear Drop Shaped Hook
  • Threaded End
    Threaded End
  • V-Hook

Advantages of HooTai Extension Springs

Longer Work Life
Longer Work Life

HooTai Extension Spring have longer work life than others.

Cost effective
Cost effective

Machine-based production makes our work more efficient and our prices more advantageous.


The engineer of HooTai Spring was more professional base on over 70 years experience.

Thoughtful service

Our serive team are more attentive and 24hrs on line.

Design solutions for extension spring

HooTai not only design the extension spring , but also design deffernt types of extension spring for you. We could find the best extension spring solutions which include material, spring rate, spring force, spring weight and cycle life, and so on.

design extension spring
use of extension spring

Application of Extension Spring

Tension springs are used in a wide range of applications, usually in the following areas:

Garage doors;Automotive Uses;Trampolines;Toys;Vise-grip Pliers; Washing devices; Medical devices; Farm devices and so on. Please tell us your field of use and we can design and manufacture the spring you want.

For All Your Spring Needs, Contact HooTai Spring

produce extension spring
mass production of spring

At the HooTai Spring, our experienced and professional engineers can help you determine the right specifications for your spring order.

Any questions about extension spring ,please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to work with you to find the most suitable spring for your product.

Management of HooTai Spring Factory

clean factory (1)
Seriri , Seiton and Seiso

We always keep our workplace neat and orderly, dispose of unnecessary products as soon as possible, keep it neat and shiny, eliminate dirt, and ensure quality.

clean factory (2)
Seiketsu, Shitsuke and Security

Our factories have sound rules and regulations, cultivate rule-abiding employees, and pay attention to employee safety education,and establishes and maintains a safe production environment.

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Custom Extension Springs is Easy Here

We are the most professional factory for custom tension springs, contact us for the latest quotation.

Our team provides a full range of services from design to R&D to production and shipping.


  • See What HooTai Spring Team Members Say

    We need to continue to carry forward our craftsmanship, emphasize technology and technology, and serve every customer well.

    Mr Fu - CEO of HooTai Spring
  • Helping you design the right spring for your product makes me feel more fulfilled. Every design and development is a great journey.

    Mr Li - Engineer of HooTai Spring
  • I know full well that a small spring can be of great value, just like my role in the team.

    Miss Wang- Worker of HooTai Spring

A part of your product, A partner of your business

The spring is small, but vital. We hope to be a partner on your road to success.

What is the MOQ extension spring?

Usually 1000pcs, it depends on the type of the extension spring.

How can we guarantee quality of extension spring?

Pre-production sample before mass production and Strict final Inspection before shipment.

What services can we provide?

Extension spring design, Test, Easy delivery, flexible payment, multi-language and so on

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