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Constant Force Spring and Spiral Spring Manufacturer and Supplier

We produce a wide range of constant force spring

Constant force spring is a kind of  spiral spring which is manufactured from flat strip material and spooled to a specific curvature matching the needed pull force.

Constant force springs are commonly used in window balancers, counterbalances, point-of-purchase shelving and displays, and so on.

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More than a spring production

In addition to the actual production of constant springs, HooTai has acquired a high level of competence over many years in developing and putting together assemblies and testing their functions.

HooTai Team fabricate various types of springs

We manufacture a wide range of constant force springs to meet many industrial application. With years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals, we deliver cost effective products without compromising quality.

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Constant Force Spring Customization

HooTai Spring is a professional manufacturer and supplier of trampoline springs. With rich production experience and good service and reputation, to provide quality products and services for related industries.

Can you help emssemble spring kits?

Yes,  in addition to manufacturing springs, we also provide simple assembly services.

Are you a manufacturing company or trading company?

We are specialized in fabricating springs for over 70 years.

Wonder if you accept small orders?

Please feel free to contact us, in order to give our clients more convenience ,we accept small order.

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