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HooTai Spring could design and produce a varity of torsion spring to meet your needs. Including Spiral torsion springs;Small torsion springs;heavy duty torsion springs; garage door torsion spring;Single Torsion Spring; Double Torsion Spring and so on.




What is a Torsion Spring?

Torsion springs are used to accumulate force by twisting or rotating elastic materials made of soft and tough materials, so that the fired object has a certain mechanical energy.

The Torsion Spring usually made from stainless steel, spring steel ,and music wire.

Different Types of Torsion Spring

Torsion springs can be found everywhere in our life, here are some common types we have produced.

We can also customize them according to your requirements.


Double Torsion Spring

The power of double torsion spring is stonger than single torsion spring.

Single Torsion Spring

Single Torsion Spring is a type of helical coiled spring, which  have a variety of end styles and arm lengths.

Garage Door Torsion Spring
Garage Door Torsion Spring

We could  precision manufacture Garage Door Torsion Spring in a multitude of sizes and materials types.

Heavy Duty Torsion Springs
Heavy Duty Torsion Springs

Heavy Duty Torsion Spring also know as Large Torsion, which have large wire diameter to  be able to carry heavy loads.

Small Torsion Springs

Small torsion springs are also know as Micro torsion springs or tiny torsion springs.

Spiral Torsion Springs

Spiral Torsion Springs are made of flat steel and are characterized by the symmetric spacing between coils.

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Different Type of Torsion Spring Legs

HooTai Spring could custom different forms of spring legs, here below are four main torsion spring leg types, legs an have more complex geometry, inclucing custom bends, twists,hooked or looped ends.

  • Tangential Legs
    Tangential Legs
  • Axial Legs
    Axial Legs
  • Radial Legs
    Radial Legs
  • Radial Over-centre Legs
    Radial Over-centre Legs
  • Custom Spring Legs
    Custom Spring Legs

Chose HooTai to Custom Your Torsion Springs

Highly effective
Highly effective

Our scientific management keeps the customer’s torsion spring order completed efficiently.


We have a good reputation in the spring fabrication industry for over 70 years.

Quality Supply Chain
Quality Supply Chain

We have a quality supply chain to ensure proper production and delivery of the torsion sprins.

Quality Control
Quality Control

From raw materials, production to delivery , we have people to strictly control every step

HooTai Could Design Torsion Spring for Your Devices

When design a torsion springs, you shoud consider about not only Spring rate and Torque at loaded lenght, but also coil diameter, wire diameter, spring stress, leg length, operating length, loaded angles and rod or tube assembly support and etc.

Leave it all to us, we could consider all the factors and design suitable torsion springs for your devices.

design torsion spring
application of torsion spring

Common Use of Torsion Spring

We have successfully customized torsion springs for many different products. Such as clothes pins, clipboards, hair clip, mouse trap, swing down tailgates , garage doors and so on.

Also our torsion spring are used in chair control units, aerospace, military, defence ,etc…

We Can Produce Any Type of Torsion Springs

produce torsion spring (1)
produce torsion spring (1)

HooTai spring have over 70 years experience to frabite torsion springs. We have stable and long-term cooperation with wire suppliers, strict and standardized production process and quality inspection process.


Production of Torsion Spring in HooTai Spring

torsion spring manufactory (2)
Raw Material of HooTai Spring

We have very strict requirements for raw materials, and we use raw materials that meet the requirements of environmental protection.
The warehouse has a perfect incoming material testing process, and is placed according to classification and cleaned up regularly.

torsion spring manufactory (1)
Production of HooTai Spring

HooTai team pay great attention to the management of safety production in our factory, and believe that safety is the foundation, need to respect life, to improve the rules and regulations from time to time, to eliminate violations.

torsion spring banner (2)
Torsion Spring Fabrication, Just Call Us.

You are welcome to discuss any questions about custom torsion springs with us. We will be very patient, professional and positive to every customer who finds us and hope we can create a good product together with you.

  • See What HooTai Spring Suppliers Say

    Their control of raw materials is very strict and professional, and they are our most important customer.

    Mr Li- Wire Supplier of HooTai Spring
  • Their workshop and warehouse are the cleanest and most organized I have ever seen, and the workers are very friendly and a pleasure to work with.

    Mr Li - Supplier of HooTai Spring
  • HooTai team are very honest and integrity-oriented, and we have built a very friendly and stable relationship over 10 years of working together.

    Mr Sun - Supplier of HooTai Spring

Related Products

Whatever your spring requirement is, you can reply on us.

HooTai spring offers a varity of torsion springs with best price and high quality. Contact us to get the newest price.

Can you provide free samples of torsion springs?

Generally it is free of charge, but we recover a certain fee for too complicated samples.

What is your delivery time?

The delivery date is 7~15 working days after receipt of payment.

How to custom torsion springs?

Send us your design drawings, samples, or design concepts and we will evaluate your product and budget unit price for you.

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