Spring Manufacturing

Springs are created through hot or cold coiling processes using various materials and wire diameters tailored to their specific purposes.

Hootai Spring Manufacturing Company, serving customers since 1949, supplies many springs. We cater to small and Fortune 500 companies, offering any quantity and type of springs. Quality is our top priority, whether you need one or millions of springs. We can produce springs based on models or drawings, or our experts can provide engineering and technical support for the ideal spring for any application.

Types of Springs We Manufacture

We create various springs in different styles using a wide range of materials. Our capabilities include wire diameters from .004″ to 1.250″ and strip wire thickness from .005″ to .500″. Materials we work with include Stainless Steel, Chrome Silicon, Brass, Beryllium Copper, Titanium, Inconel, Monel, and Phos bronze, and Music Wire. For details on our metal spring offerings and materials, contact us or visit our Products page.

Compression springs: Compression Springs are coil springs that can be compressed from their free length to a shorter operating length. This type of spring can store energy and provide force. This is one of the most important application principles of springs.

Extension springs: Extension springs are also known as tension springs. They are helical springs that are subjected to axial tension and are generally made of materials with a circular cross-section. When not subjected to load, there is generally no gap between the circles of extension springs.

Torsion springs:   Torsion springs are used to accumulate force by twisting or rotating elastic materials made of soft and tough materials, so that the fired object has a certain mechanical energy.

Wire Forms: Wire forms are generally used in restricted environments and may be a fantasy shape. Many of our wire forms have a spring function, such as some fast-fastening applications.

Industries We Serve

As a top spring manufacturer, we create custom springs for various industries, including manufacturing processes, industrial applications, and end products. Our clients span a wide range of sectors, such as:

Automotive springs: Automotive Springs, essential mechanical components, find diverse roles in cars – suspension, brakes, seats, engines – amplifying performance and stability. Hootai Springs offers an array of spring solutions, ensuring top-quality automotive springs for the industry’s needs. From smooth rides to enhanced control, our springs drive automotive excellence.

Aerospace springs: The Aerospace industries demand precision and perfection, durability and reliability, standardization and customization. Hootai Spring has many years of successful experience manufacturing wire forms and custom precision springs for businesses in the aerospace industry.

Consumer electronic springs: Hootai Spring has been one of the leading providers of the consumer electronic industry including springs and stampings for cellular, television, gaming systems, television, and the rapidly expanding home automation and security sectors.

Industrial Springs: While small springs are used in electronic and medical devices, industrial springs are much larger, although their functions are essentially the same. Industrial applications require many different types of springs. Industrial springs include models designed to absorb impact, expand and elongate, or maintain pressure in various applications.

Besides, also has touch springs, medical springs, garage door springs, battery springs, magazine springs, and so on.

Order Custom Springs for Your Manufacturing Needs

To place an order or request a quote for custom spring manufacturing or engineering, reach out to Hootai Spring. Share your spring specifications via email at info@hootaispring.com or call us at +8615112440608 to collaborate with our technicians and tailor solutions to your requirements.

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