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What is a Diaphragm Spring?

Diaphragm Spring is also known as Clutch Diaphragm Spring which is a spring widely used in the automotive clutch.  It is a type of disc spring that stores a large amount of elasticity. HooTai Spring produces various shapes of diaphragm springs, welcome to email us to customize.


Diaphragm Spring

Production of Diaphragm Spring

The manufacturing process of diaphragm springs is more complex, requiring high material quality and dimensional accuracy, its nonlinear characteristics are not easy to control in production, the openings are prone to cracking, and the ends are prone to wear.
In recent years we have been improving the manufacturing process and refining the design methods, and we can produce high-quality diaphragm springs that meet Western standards.

The Diaphragm Spring Material

Regarding diaphragm springs, we usually choose materials that have high elastic and yield limits, high static and fatigue strength, high impact strength, and should also have sufficiently large plastic deformation properties. Our commonly used diaphragm spring material is silicon manganese steel 60Si2MnA.

The Diaphragm Spring Material

Custom Logo on the Diaphragm Spring

Our customers often request to have their own logos laser engraved on their custom membrane springs. Hootai Spring offers a variety of custom logo services on membrane springs.

We Are One of Your Best Diaphragm Spring Suppliers

HooTai Spring offers the design and production of diaphragm springs and disc springs for over 20 years. Welcome to contact us for free samples.

Can you print our logo on the Diaphragm Springs?

YES, please send us your LOGO design file, we could print or laser it on the diaphragm springs

Can I chose other material of diaphragm springs?

Of course, contact us for more material infomations

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