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Hootai Spring has been a trusted producer of high-quality stamped metal components, partnering with renowned companies across various industries, from automotive to appliances. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and assembling custom metal clips in various shapes and sizes.

Hootai Breaks Technological Barriers with Precision Manufacturing

At Hootai, we excel in precision clip manufacturing with a focus on innovation:

Material Cutting Tolerance: Achieving tolerances as tight as 0.005mm ensures exacting precision in our products.

Elastic Fatigue Testing: Our metal clips undergo rigorous testing, exceeding 1 million cycles to ensure longevity and reliability.

Micro Punching Accuracy: We achieve hole diameters as small as 0.28mm, demonstrating our capability in intricate and precise manufacturing processes.

These achievements highlight our commitment to craftsmanship and technological excellence in producing high-quality metal clips.

Different Shapes for Metal clips

Metal clips, commonly known as precision spring clips, are essential metal accessories for electronic components. They perform critical functions such as conduction, switching, clamping, and resonance. These clips are available in various shapes, including S-type, C-type, round, Z-type, spoon-type, and more.


Known for their robust and secure fastening, these clips are often used in applications requiring high durability.

Characterized by their C-shaped design, these clips provide strong clamping force and are used in numerous electronic and mechanical assemblies.

These clips have a unique spoon-like shape, offering versatility in securing components and ensuring stability.

With a distinctive Z-shape, these clips are ideal for applications requiring precise alignment and secure fastening.

metal clips
N-type Spring Clips

Known for their N-shaped design, these clips provide excellent clamping force and are often used in high-stress applications.

These clips, featuring an S-shaped design, are widely used for their flexibility and reliable clamping capabilities.

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Application of Metal clips

Metal clips have a wide range of applications, including securing SIM card holders, enhancing mobile phone antennas, stabilizing earphone audio jacks, and ensuring reliable connections in connector terminals. They are also used in micro motors, sensors, automotive instrument touch switches, medical devices, and PCB shielding cans, providing stability and precise positioning across various electronic and mechanical assemblies.

  • application of metal clips
    Relay Switch
  • application of metal clips
    Digital 3C
  • application of metal clips

Surface Treatment of Metal Clips

At Hootai, we frequently utilize several advanced surface treatment methods to enhance the performance and durability of our metal clips. These treatments include gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, tin plating, and ultrasonic cleaning for oil and grease removal.

  • suface treatment
    Gold Plated Clips
  • suface treatment
    Silver Plated Clips
  • suface treatment
    Nickel Plated Clips

Advantages of Hootai Clips

Recision Engineering

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes guarantee precise dimensions and consistent performance.

Cost effective
Industry Expertise

With extensive experience across various industries, we deliver solutions that meet the highest standards.

Robust Secondary Services

We offer additional services such as vacuum hardening, oil quenching, and Austempering to further enhance the quality of our products.

Quality Control
Customization Options

We work closely with clients to design and produce metal clips tailored to their specific requirements.

Quality Control for Metal Clips

At Hootai Factory, we emphasize rigorous quality control measures for our metal clips:

Life Testing of Clips: We conduct extensive life tests to ensure durability and reliability under real-world conditions.

Raw Materials Inspection: Our stringent checks include hardness testing, elongation testing, tensile strength testing, and yield strength testing to guarantee the quality of raw materials.

Post-Plating Checks: After plating, we perform salt spray tests, film thickness tests, and high-temperature aging tests to assess corrosion resistance, coating integrity, and long-term performance.

These comprehensive quality control processes underscore our commitment to delivering metal clips of exceptional quality and performance to our customers.

highest quality standards
raw material of metal clips

Common Materials for Clips and Fasteners

Industrial clips and fasteners come in a variety of material compositions, depending on the needs of the application and your budget. Some of the most common materials include:

High carbon steel
Low carbon steel
Stainless steel
Cold rolled steel
Beryllium copper
Phosphor bronze

Packaging Services for Our Metal Clips


At Hootai, we prioritize customer satisfaction by offering a diverse range of packaging solutions for our metal clips. Whether it’s reel packaging for efficient automated assembly, bulk pin packaging for cost-effective distribution, blister packaging for retail display readiness, or carrier tape packaging for precise component handling, we ensure your products are securely packaged to meet your specific requirements. Our packaging options are designed to enhance convenience, protect product integrity, and streamline your assembly and distribution processes.

Crafting Precision Metal Clips Here

Contact Hootai for Custom Metal Clips crafted to precise specifications and industry standards. Benefit from our advanced manufacturing capabilities, diverse material options, and rigorous quality assurance processes.


  • Impressed with Hootai’s precision! Their metal clips are spot-on with tight tolerances, perfect for our demanding applications.

    Emily Smith
  • Reliability tested! Hootai’s metal clips surpassed expectations in durability and performance. Highly recommend!

    David Johnson
  • Precision at its finest! Hootai’s micro punching capabilities delivered exactly what we needed for our specialized projects. Excellent service and quality.

    Sarah Lee

Crafting Excellence in Every Clip: Hootai Delivers Precision Metal Solutions!

The metal clip is small but vital. We hope to be a partner on your road to success.

What customization options do you offer for metal clips?

We offer customization in terms of shapes, sizes, materials, surface finishes, and additional features to meet specific requirements.

What is the typical lead time for custom metal clip orders?

Lead times can vary based on the complexity of the order and specific requirements. We work closely with each customer to provide accurate timelines.

What quality assurance measures do you have in place for custom metal clips?

We conduct rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, including material inspection, dimensional accuracy tests, and functional testing to ensure high-quality products.

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