Touch Spring Packaging Reel Packing for Convenient SMD Machine Integration

Springs have unique characteristics that make traditional packaging methods prone to tangling, requiring manual separation and causing inconvenience during touch spring installation. Manual welding of springs also demands skilled welders. However, many factories have embraced automated placement machines to solder significant quantities of touch springs onto PCB boards. This has heightened the packaging requirements for touch springs, necessitating tape, and reel packaging for seamless integration with SMD machines. Depending on the spring structure, some springs require the addition of a mylar patch on top for easy pickup by the SMD machine. While this packaging approach incurs additional costs, it substantially saves labor expenses.

Hootai Spring Factory offers a comprehensive service encompassing production and packaging, ensuring hassle-free preparation of springs for direct SMD machine utilization. Contact us for further details.

reel packing of touch springs

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